Videos on Infinite-i

Inspiration lives and breathes through Michael in this moving testament to bravery.

Elizabeth Gilbert talks about Life, the Universe and Everything in this interview. Her clarity and authenticity carries through the interview in alignment with the voice which emanates through Eat, Pray, Love. Elizabeth is funny, intelligent, compassionate, generous, wise, self-deprecating and informative. A long interview, but worth the watch. Enjoy.


In this interview Mantak Chia talks about his master, how he came to train in internal alchemy from a young age and explains the principl of Chi Kung and Tai Chi to Ian McNay of ConsciousTv.



In this interview Bruce Lipton articulates the salient points relevant to the discovery that we are one infinite organism expressing dynamically as All That Is.  We have immense power to affect our health and well being and to take charge of, not only the evolution of our own lives and how we create our experiences,  our very self image and behaviour towards ourselves also has a tremendous effect on the outcome for this planet as a whole.


Anita Moorjani, who died from cancer, discovered her magnificence and chose to return to tell her tale, knowing through her discovery in ‘the other realm’ (the term she uses to articulate the dimension of her experience) that she would heal fully tells Renate McNay that we are born to live in joy and not fear…. She tells us all that we are Infinite Magnificence and to live our lives true to ourselves and our authentic feelings rather than submission to the cultural conditioning of our fear based ego.


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