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Harvard promotes Tai Chi

Tai Chi Silhouette by lake

In this post I’m letting Harvard do the talking about the health benefits of Tai Chi and Qigong practice.  I’m including a  link to a page which provides results of studies they have carried out validating the power of this ancient form of moving meditation and flowing exercise system, which has been proven to reverse illness as well as prevent it.

The art of Tai Chi developed over millennia in the East and is known to slow down the ageing process considerably and, when practiced with awareness, brings restful expansion and flexibility at the very least, and heightened spiritual awareness at its optimum.  One of the benefits, at a most basic level is a very refined attunement with ones body so any discord is noticed immediately thereby facilitating preventive action as soon as possible.

While  orientals speak of Jing, Qi and Shen as the three treasures of Tai Chi; various forms of energy kept flowing and vitalised through the practice of this health giving art, the Harvard people speak in terms of a Western understanding of the practice granting a more immediate access to this wonderful gift from the East.


As clicking on the above link won’t work for some inexplicable reason (!), copy and paste into your browser to read the very informative article above.

So, wherever you are, at whatever stage of health, fitness or age, check out Tai Chi classes near you to gift yourself the best chance of enhancing your quality of life, simply and affordably, anywhere.


Awakening Infinite Awareness Through Infinite Tai Chi

Over twenty years ago, while studying photography on a very intensive and interesting BA (hons) course, in which Philosophy of Art and Language was my favourite complementary academic subject, I learned how we construct our experience through discourse, both verbal and visual.  At the same time, I discovered the images I made reflected my interior emotional world, whether constructed in the studio or ‘captured’ documentary fashion.  This led to the realisation that the world I perceive will always be a personal projection.  At around this time, during the course of conversation, I spontaneously experienced myself as Infinite Light in an unchanging eternal capacity.  I saw the Light, I was the Light, and the Light was profound omnipresent peace.  This experience changed the trajectory of my life explorations from one of a creative, intellectual nature to an ever expanding open enquiry.  This opening has continually unfolded through a study of energy healing, Shamanism, Psychotherapy (Hons Dip), Life Coaching and Infinite Tai Chi Teacher Training Certification.

Throughout, I have been guided to courses that would continue to deepen my understanding of humanity as Divinity, and which have supported me through enormous personal challenges.

As a practice, Infinite Tai Chi is a beautiful, graceful and powerful art, which promotes well being and advancement on multiple levels.  Performing Tai Chi regularly challenges the body to strength and flexibility, opens new neural pathways in the brain, activates energy flow thereby preventing illness while calming the emotions, and transports ones being to higher levels of spiritual  awareness.  All this while learning a powerful art form which looks and feels beautiful to perform.

Place yourself in the middle of the stream of power and wisdom which animates all whom it floats, and you are without effort impelled to truth, to right and a perfect contentment.  Ralph Waldo Emerson, SPIRITUAL LAWS

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